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About Us

Temptation awaits as you explore our shop filled with quality cotton fabrics, notions, patterns and so much more.

Cherished Pieces is owned and operated by Cynthia and Bill Hildebrand, and is located on the Main Street in Downtown Tillsonburg,

We have a wonderful knowledgeable and dedicated staff to assist you as you search for your perfect purchase. Our objective is to create a personal and enjoyable shopping experience for each of our amazing customers.

Don't miss out! We offer ten upscale quilting retreats at the beautiful Elmhurst Inn & Spa each year. For more information on our retreats click here

Free 2 hour parking is available to the front of our store on Broadway Street or in a municipal parking located approximately 1 block away.

We have created this website to give you the opportunity to shop at your leisure with confidence, knowing that your transactions are private and secure.
But, we also know that technology isn't for everyone. If you are having any technical issues completing your orders or are looking for an item that is not listed on our website, please do not hesitate to give us a shout. 


Get To Know Our Team

Our team is here to provide you with the very best knowledge and know-how to make your next quilting or sewing project a success. From threads and fabrics, to techniques and finishing touches, we are here to help guide and support you.

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My Dad taught his new bride to sew, and she taught me. Picking up and playing with her sewing scraps I made clothes and accessories for my dolls and so the wonderful journey began. Clothes, curtains, costumes and quilting.

My tastes in fabric are eclectic like my love of music – Opera to Country – Rock to Classical. I love texture and design and will always fall for a paisley. I particularly love machine appliqué and exploring machine embroidery. I am blessed to have a sweet supportive husband who always encouraged me enjoy and try new and different.

Quilting has brought me peace, particularly through tough times, and also so much joy!The joy of giving and the joy of sharing the many projects of friends and customers.

Meet Our Team

Tami <br> Senior Customer Support SpecialistTami
Senior Customer Support Specialist

Hi! I'm Tami. I love the colour blue, polka dots and stripes, hot dark roast coffee, dark chocolate and music. My love of sewing began way back in Home Ee. class making an apron and a soccer ball. From there it progressed to clothing, home decor items and then small cute projects when my daughters came along. Eventually I was nudged to try quilting by Cynthia and after the first quilt, I was hooked!

There's nothing more enjoyable than diving into a good book or website, looking for that next project and picking colours and fabrics to make it happen. My favourite gift to give is a quilt and think that everyone needs at least one. I love to help others make their quilt projects a reality and keep the spark of creativity going!

Quilting is my therapy and love that there's always something new to learn.

Arlene <br> Customer Support SpecialistArlene
Customer Support Specialist

My interest in sewing started as a young girl sewing aprons and clothes with my Mom and Oma. Many dresses were custom made for me as I watched and learned how to sew to make the dresses fit perfectly. It didn't take me long to catch the 'sewing bug' and I found quilting was my preferred sewing enjoyment. I love to create quilts to give to my family and friends.

Darlene <br> Senior Customer Support SpecialistDarlene
Senior Customer Support Specialist

I learned to sew as a young girl creating clothes for dolls. It was a gift that came naturally. Over the years I decided I wanted to learn to quilt. I had a grandmother who created beautiful scrappy quilts. She was very inspirational in my earlier years.

It was only at the age of 40 that I began my quilting journey. I took a class with Jean Hillis at the Ingersoll Creative Centre. The quilt was going to be hand pieced and hand quilted. When the quilt was completed, I was hooked!

Besides quilting, I like to sew smaller projects such as notion bags, totes, table runners, wall hangings and especially chicken pincushions. I have sewn many chickens over the years which have been gifted to friends, fellow quilters and students who take my classes.

I started working for Cynthia at Cherished Pieces when the Shop was located in her home. I have taught a few mystery classes, bags/totes, tree skirts, pillows and machine applique.
However applique is one of the classes I enjoy teaching the most. I am happy to share my knowledge of Applique with anyone who wants to learn this technique.

I enjoy sharing my quilts with family and friends and donating some to organizations that help those in need. I believe when you have a gift it is your responsibility to share it with other people.

<br> Customer Support SpecialistAngelique
Customer Support Specialist

I get the question “What’s your accent from?” a lot. Well, in 2000 I went with my newly wed husband on a honeymoon to Canada from the Netherlands. I’m still enjoying my honeymoon every day! I’m a big fan of nature, so living on the farm with our 5 kids is wonderful.

I started sewing when I was about 7 years old. I started with little animals, doll clothes etc. My grandmother taught me how to do embroidery at that age as well. I have loved working with fabrics ever since. I love making quilts and I also love wool stitching. I’m very happy to be working at Cherished Pieces, it is a true blessing. Seeing all those beautiful creations, choosing fabrics for a new quilt and just enjoying everyone’s company, I couldn’t wish for anything else!

Cheryl <br> Customer Support SpecialistCheryl
Customer Support Specialist

I started quilting approximately 20 years ago when I didn't know what I would like for Christmas, so I asked for a sewing machine. I began quilting in St. George and have now worked my way to Cherished Pieces.

Over the years I have met many amazing and talented people and have learned a lot taking many classes. Over the years I have learned quilting, bag making, apparel, and my latest joy - machine embroidery. I enjoy helping others and hope that I can share some of my experience and joy for the craft of quilting.

Louise <br> Teacher, Long Arm Operator<br>Owner of Purple Rooster QuiltingLouise
Teacher, Long Arm Operator
Owner of Purple Rooster Quilting

I really only started sewing in home ec class at school. It was not until I was in my later twenties that I signed up for a paper piecing class in Norwich and was quickly hooked.

I have been quilting anything and everything for over 25 years and I still get excited about it everyday. I love lots of colour and fun designs for my quilts. Sometimes I use patterns and sometimes I draw up a pattern or just create the quilt without one. I like an element of surprise and some fun twist to my quilts.

I bought a long arm quilting machine 9 years ago and started my Purple Rooster Quilting
business. I enjoy the challenge of getting just the right pantograph to make a quilt sing!
I also really enjoy teaching classes. I love to see the lightbulb moments in class when someone really understands a new concept!

NEW Customer Support SpecialistKaren
NEW Customer Support Specialist

I have been surrounded by ladies who sew my entire life. Starting with making a pillow case with my mom, then sewing a unicorn throw pillow with my Grandma, and then a small quilt with the help of my sister. I have also made a tote bag and pj pants in 4-H sewing clubs.
I’m looking forward to learning more while I work at Cherished Pieces.

Our Story

Build your Dream! 

... And that is exactly how Cherished Pieces was born. My wonderful supportive husband Bill told me that if I wanted my own business, I needed to do something I loved.

Cherished Pieces started out as an online business in 2006, however, we are all so tactile that it wasn’t long before Customers insisted on seeing and feeling the fabric. The space originally allocated in our Rec Room continued to expand until it took over our whole lower level, Shop in Rec Room – Batting in Cold Room – Supplies in Bill’s Work Room!

While working full-time at my corporate job, I opened some evenings and weekends for shopping, used my vacation days for vending at Quilt Shows, and built my email base and online presence. This continued for seven years until an early retirement.

Then on January 2, 2014, we opened our brick & mortar shop on Broadway Street in downtown Tillsonburg. With the shop now open five days a week, we could no longer maintain our existing online store. We morphed our website into an information-based site.

We love being on the main street. Our downtown space allows us to host many customers and even accommodate bus trips! An onsite classroom allows us to offer a variety of classes, from beginner to advanced quilting classes – bag making- tuffets- bowls and many other creative adventures. We were able to allocate space for Victoria’s Quilts to Store their supplies and meet, to make quilts for Cancer patients. This is a very important cause to us and that we enjoy supporting.

In 2012 we started offering quilting retreats at the wonderful Elmhurst Inn & Spa. This has grown from two retreats to ten retreats annually. Meeting with all of our quilters and sewers is fun - helping with colour and fabric selections. Sharing projects, stories, confidences and journeys. We have made so many wonderful friends over the years and continue to meet and make more. I have wonderful, knowledgeable, and creative staff that I love, who enjoy being with and assisting people. Each day when I walk into the shop, I feel so grateful and blessed to be surrounded by so much that is good. Dreams can come true!

Some Great Memories

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